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Updated 24/5/21 

I'll have news on the next update on the 20th of June. The new trailer coming up will show the content for the next update.

Please make sure to download from this Itch.io  page. Your save game may be overwritten if updating through the app. https://galaxywave.itch.io/heavens-heroes-unite

I will be reducing the save game file to 5 in the next update. So try to use only save 1/2/3/4/5, and ignore the rest. I'll also be increasing item stack size, and gold amount.

Chapter 1 - 4 is now here for everyone. There are 10 chapters in total.

About Heavens Heroes: Unite.

This game is a JRPG adventure, and I'm working on making the game-play more free, and rewarding to play out side of the story. This next update will be one of the biggest since the April, so please check back in a few weeks. I'll have news on the update release on the 20th June.

There might be some problems you come across, so please use the comments box found below to leave any issues you have found for me to look in to.

Here are some of the features I've worked on:

  • Follow a story driven adventure.
  • Max level is 26 - 30, and increases with each update.
  • Casual to play with more help as the game becomes more challenging.
  • A game guide built in to the game for support.
  • Explore, Forests, Villages, Caverns, and Dungeons.
  • 100's of story events as you travel across 3 islands. 
  • A greatly balanced  side view battle system. 
  • Crafting / Fishing / Inn's / Travel System /Shops, and Vendors.
  • 4-8 hours+ of gameplay 3 hours of which is the current story.
  • Weather changes, Day, to Night, with atmospheric sounds. 
  • Unique music, and sound effects.
  • Equip your team with equipment, and become stronger by levelling up.
  • 1000's of original graphics.
  • An inclusive adventure that is made for everyone of any age.
  • Improvements and content made every month.
  • Full support when you have found any problems. (use comments box on my page) 

The Donator Bundle includes:

  • Alternative looks to each of the current team members, Sonnoko, Clara, Lucas, Male, and Fe-male character. 

Donator Bundle is  $2.00 You can continue your game with the donate bundle. The money helps contribute to the project.

Donation Bundle Includes some sweet new stuff:

  • Chapter 1-4 (with more chapters released once, or twice monthly
  • New costumes and equipment. Shown above*
  • Earlier access to future chapters where I might need a few more days to process the free version.

There has been a great deal of hard work and effort in to giving more content for Chapter 4, It might be short for some, so please enjoy what is there, as chapter 5 will bring you closer to the story than ever before.

There's plenty of help in game to keep you from becoming lost.

It's difficult to make the game, and all the music, and graphics, so please donate some money if you can, anything really helps.

Chapter 5 features.

  • More story, and areas to visit.
  • Newly updated lighting system to go with the new graphics.
  • Track your progress with each area visited.  On hold.
  • A new detailed World map. 
  • News skills and updated abilities. 
  • Remade areas for chapter 1: Varoona Forest. 
  • New chapter 1 location: Betsy's Farm. 
  • Zone challenges: I'll add more news shortly,
  • And any kind of improvement I can so this can be enjoyed more.

Take it easy everyone, and thanks for your time.


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Hey there Alexanda, I made another video for your game and I started a new game! I have introduced the new updates in the best way possible; hope this video helps your game to become more popular! One major issue is when entering to see the status of Arianne! The game crash directly and I could generate that! I have left it purposely in my video here about your game so it helps you understand more. I loved the new updates! All of them ;) 


Thanks so much, I hope you're doing good. Also, you need to press the Escape Key, on your keyboard, to delete the letters when making your own name. And, you need to hold Escape, when you're asked to press the B button to evade battling.

Thank you for your explanations. And I am hoping you are doing good too. All the best with your prjoect!


Hey Zakaria! I hope you have been doing good! I've been enjoying watching you videos. I just wanted to let you know that Heavens Heroes Chapter 4 is here. You can continue your game, or create a new game to learn how to use the B button for avoiding battles. I made some sweet changes, so I really hope you love it more! :)))) 

I am doing great! Hope you are doing good too Alexanda.

I will take a look on your updated game! I have seen your video about how you got your game from the past to right now! And I am shocked about the future :o 

Is it really going to be on 3D?

Thanks so much. :) Yes, the 3-D clips in the video are from the actual game play. I need to make this version more popular to really get it going forwards. So, the work is huge to convince people to play. XD

hello Alexanda ; your game is great :)(i donated 2$ for the support) i just finished your previous version , noticed 2 bugs but maybe your fixed it in version 8d2? first was when going to collect wood if i entered the medic house before arianne got her head spinning then the game would freeze after a while after the text finish and the 2nd is arianne statut page i got a error message if i check her statut page,i guess it's because she has no menu face like the others?i tested the same thing with the dog for the short period of time it didnt have a face in the menu, no major problem :) you doing a great job and i see i can try you new 8d2 version :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you so much Anwynn! I feel so bad. I had completely missed the Medic House event. I didn't go inside beforehand. I have just patched the event which will now only happen when the conditions have been met. I just updated before receiving your message. but you found a new problem with Arianne, and I have just created a graphics picture, and I am uploading this new version with the face sprites. 

The 8d3 was just uploaded, and that resolves the Medic House. 8d4 will be uploaded within the hour with face graphics for Arianne and the Pet will also have been resolved. I am so grateful you are playing, and Chapter 4 will be out very soon. It will be a great Chapter and will feature a great episode of action, adventure, and Dragons! :O

do not feel bad  :) its hard to fix every little problem it's easy to forget and others can see them too to help make the game better :)

i tried rpgmaker vx ace a little while ago so i can understand how hard it is to do everything right without forgetting something

cheer up :) 

(1 edit)

Yes, you are correct, I'm so glad that you had enjoyed playing. Did you make it all the way to the Bandit Cavern while following the guide, and were you happy following the trail throughout the current version?

oh i did not knew there was a guide ,i  sometime had to figure out where i was going but it was fine , bandit cavern was nice too for lvling :) the fury skills helps a lot too, i enjoyed playing yep :) not too hard and not too easy you did right i believe :)

i started the 8d4 and all is good now :)


Hey Alexanda! I have been impressed by how many things have been changed in the new update! Isn’t it too much on you? I mean you must be tired! I love the Quest Tracker you made.

I am really interested to see the Formation with other squad members! This makes the battles fair to win them.

By the way, Amby the villager girl is still annoying me lol (I will start next time a new game, I already made this video before I saw your comment). Also, there has been a bug of black screen happened by the end of this video, I think it is better you check it! I saw a bee coming to me fast before that bug happened

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks Zakaria, it looks like you triggered the event sooner than it realised. The medic house scene should have only played when you reached 16 wood at the medic house. You found a bug there which essentially would break the game. I need to update that right away. Also, It's best that you start a new game for the best tutorial on battling, and skills to use. Sorry for the unforeseen problem in the forest. A brand new download V8.4 is on the downloads page. 

I am really happy that your game is attracting more people, and for the bugs that is 100% normal to see in any game, so be comfortable about your game becuase you are doing great! I will soon check your game with a new game save file from the strat. 


quest tracker is good to have yep :)


Exactly :)


Thanks so much. I'm working as often as possible with completing the maps and story for chapter 4. I've also got something very special lined up. It's a new mechanic I've invented for the battle system. Super Moves activate during battle, and your party can use them a number of times each day. It'll be ready to try in the next chapter. 

sounds interesting :) take your time :)

(1 edit)

I made some new sprites. I hope they will look great when battling, and exploring! :)

Hey there again Alexanda,

So I made another gameplay video and also want to say how much it is great to play your game! The music and background sound effects are 100% great! I love that sound effect for example when you open the chests across the maps. The reason why I am focusing on the critics more is to help you to update and fix the game! I am sure that is the part that you would need more play testers to show you how and where the bugs are.

Wanted to mention that in the gameplay video there is a clear issue when walking around with the villager Amby! I hope you can watch the video so you get a closer look to what happened with her and after that.

I will share another gameplay video soon, it is already being recorded.

(2 edits) (+1)

Thanks so much, please try the new update with a new game, You'll be so excited by the changes. And you'll be able to have a name made, and the help of an extra party member.  I added button tips to the screen and many more helpful items. Also, Amber doesn't leave the village area, but the bug you found will be fixed, as when you moved to the upper area , your movements should have been restored, I'm so, so sorry about that problem also. Thanks greatly for your help. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey Zakaria, I also want to add, I would be more than happy to have your video on my Itch.io page as thanks once you make a video on the new version. The page views are increasing by day, it's becoming popular on the Itch.io also,  I want you to have a share of those views:) Please be honest with your next review. If something is not good, then please say so. You're videos really woke me up to issues I had not understood myself, and the improvement that followed helped make it better to play. Thanks again, I'll certainly pay you back for your help.  

Hey Alexanda, I am more than happy to hear that these videos actually helped you out! Without a doubt, your game is very interesting! I would love to see what has been made more inside the other chapters! I will post each video here in each comment once I have something to share about your game!

In the meantime, BEST of LUCK Alexanda.

Hey there Alexanda, I have finally found the time to make a gameplay review for your game! And I might do more of videos in the future since you are working on the game with no stop! Most of the review is on the video here and it has everything that I captured from your game, but in case you can’t watch the entire video, I will write some notes here that might help you to update your game (this has been recorded before your last update). I do need support though on my journey on YouTube, by you subscribing to channel you will make me more motivated to do more of these gameplay review videos in the future.

  • With my first impressions is that the full screen option does not exist which is hard for me to focus with a small window (you might have already added that option by now, but in case you didn’t, I am sharing that).
  • In the begging of the game when talking to the sister Elsee there is a line of her saying “...allot of work sine Father and Mother died...” which I believe that you wanted to use the word “A lot” in this context rather than “Allot” which is not suitable.
  • From the side of the story I must say it is a well rich story and adventure! You have done great with this important part of the game.
  • Also from a positive review, the music and the sound effects are greatly being used to the game advantage.
  • For the quests, they are not really that clear, in the video you will notice that it took me a long time to know exactly what to do! Also, I think it is better to show the name of a given quest but keeping the quest pinned in either left side of right side of the screen! And maybe adding way point systems for directions or a small mini map shows where to go to explore! Because this game is massive and at first I only thought that this is the entire map for the game until by the end of the video I accidentally discovered that I was supposed to travel to another different map completely.
  • The battle system is cool, however I see it is so difficult to win battles in this part of the game shown on gameplay video. The battles are repeated as well, they tend to occur a lot once closer to an enemy and the escape button did not work for me! I might be wrong holding the wrong button though! One thing for sure, the battles are so hard to win them at the start and it does not show which slimes are easy to fight and which are harder.

Overall, I am interested in the game a lot, especially after discovering that there is more maps and places to go, I might do more video in the future for your game! Depending on how much this can be useful to you and on my schedule since there is lots of games waiting to be covered as well.


ZakariaGhorfati, I am amazingly grateful for your video, and beyond sorry for how frustrating it was when faced with the difficulties. I didn't realise how hard I had made it to battle some of the enemies there. You're not the only one to have the issues you outlined over the last week or so. 

I honestly had no idea how bad it was until your video. I'm really mad at myself, and I can say that I have overhauled the introduction for Chapter 3. A new character will be helping from the very start. I've added a much better tutorial battle, and much more helpful content. 

I'm so sorry, and making up for it with Chapter 3 as much as I can. It's been a very long project, and I guess I got so used to how to battle and do things, I didn't know I would cause such an upsetting experience. I will sort this out, I promise. 

I have replayed to your comment on the YouTube video and I came her as well to say that I already recorded some gameplay review for your latest update! I will make sure to post it tomorrow or as soon as possible! 

I do hope that this gameplay video review is giving enough feedback that you need in order to update your game.


Thank you so much, but the update isn't out yet, it'll be around 2-3 days before I'll have it online. I'll message you once it is out. 

I meant that for one of the previeous updates (I can't remember which one but I will let you know soon) and I have been following and reading your dev logs!! I can honestly say that you really made a huge change for the entire game! I am really impressed and surprised to how much you are dedicated to this game! I truly wish for you all the best and will take a look on your game from time to time.


Hello, I notice that you are an active Youtuber. If you want to test high-quality indie games, you can try all those winners in the Syntaxbomb contests. For example, these are the three winners in the 11th contest:

Thank you! I might be including those as well, I do have a lot of games to cover and I am going to add those three winners to the list as well!


New version is out. Man, I am so baked from all the work, but this really has been worth it. Thanks again Zakaria.

Updated today with a variety of new window modes to suit your screen. A special monster has been added to the game to bring some extra sunshine to those rainy days travelling. Thanks again, and well wishes to all!

I am still re-designing maps and making a few extra ones for Chapter 3. It may still be some weeks away. I'm doing my best to make it a bumper Chapter of content which will see the continuation of story, new maps to explore and more.

I found a few bugs on chapter 1 and 2, nothing game breaking, they'll be fixed when chapter 3 is done. May be a few weeks before the new chapter is ready. It'll be a great chapter with new characters, locations, surprises and story.

Back to donations only.

New version is out. All seems to be well with it. Please let me know of any bugs you may come across.

Updated the page today. I hope you like the new look. So much more work has gone in to the project which will show in the new update.

The newest update brings new battle system upgrades. It's been allot of work to get these done. I was going to wait until the full release, but you guys deserve the best. Please support the project if you can, allot of this work is full of original content not found anywhere else.

Thank you so much for giving Heavens Heroes a try. Please as if you require any further support.

There's currently good progress on the 2 chapter demo. I have really made a great deal of changes, which include to the story dialogue, new events, scenes, battle and game-play. I really hope you will love what is there enough to join the fundraiser to raise money for the project so I can replace some of the graphics with new and unique sprites.

Thank you so much for donating! A new demo is on the way. I'm currently rebuilding and re-mapping like a mule. A new download link will be added in the coming weeks.

Added new rewards for my fundraiser. Get Heavens Heroes at a discount by donating $4 to the project goals found above.

New screenshots added. New Devlog updated about the new stuff on the way. I can't believe the extra work. It must be done. 

I'm currently updating the whole game to the Luna engine. This will mean allot of improvements to the battle system especially. This means I will need to port every single map, battle, script and more  to the game and also this means making sure each event will work normally. 

I've been busy making new graphics and really trying to get a new demo up. I know it's demo after demo and it's about time a full game came out. It's so frustrating for me, but the game is almost finished and I welcome you to try the demo in hopes you will want to donate to the project as a tip for the hard work.

It's still an up hill climb with so much learning and repairing of the game over the years while trying to make a game that many people can enjoy. It might not be for everyone, but please give it a go by trying the new updated demo when it's ready on a new announcement. 

Added some new screenshots of new graphics to the map in Naiyoko Forest. I'm still trying to get the look balanced. Thanks so much for viewing.

I've been updating the fishing system over the last night. I have improved it massively! There are a number of fish which can be caught, but even better, you can watch as they curiously try to steal your bait! This took allot of working in to save the fishing system being scrapped it's saved it.

The Battle scene changes are coming along. I'll have some new screenshots as soon as I am confident of the new choices.

I'm working on improvements to the battle screen and making the game more fluid and better to enjoy. It's taking some more time, but I each new improvement will make this game one you can really back! Hang in there.

I like the art and overall game play! Your trailer is also well done. I will play the full release once it is available!

Thank you so much for playing . Allot of of the tile-sets are placeholder tiles. I'm doing my best to put in my own sprites. 

Thank you so much for your download today. If you need any help or if you have any feedback then please leave a reply here. :)


I've just managed to change the look of the page. There's allot f hard work and great effort gone in to my game. Please play it as you may really enjoy the story, game-play and features.

Thanks so much for trying out Heavens Heroes. It's made really with allot of passion.

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